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  • Doxette - The Right Dog - Whether utilitarian or decorative those who love dogs have long admired and enjoyed collecting those special pieces of dog collectibles. We carry over 150 dog breeds from the popular to many of the rare dog breeds.
  • LuLU's Collectables - My hot new Vshop has a variety of booty you'll love: retro & vintage collectables for women & men, fronted by my adorable dog, PiggyLuLU, the Frenchie. From my experience on ebay over the last three years, I will provide top customer service & secure ship
16 August 2018
The Net Store Search Directory aims to help smaller Internet sellers gain publicity for their sale items. Therefore we offer free inclusion to sellers on the established P2P sales venues such as eBay, eBid, Zolanta, CQout etc.

We are still willing to add links for larger, independent eCommerce sites but, being presumed more experienced and commercially minded, we expect them to grant some modest support toward the running costs of this site before their links are considered. - A Free Directory

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